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Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Nov 19, 2020

James Muir is the founder and CEO of Best Practice International and the bestselling author of the #1 book on closing sales – The Perfect Close. James is a 30-year veteran of sales having served in every role – from individual contributor to executive VP. His mission – to make the complex simple.

James has extensive background in healthcare where he has sold-to and spoken for the largest names in technology and healthcare including HCA, Tenet, Catholic Healthcare, Banner, Dell, IBM and others.


James is passionate, enthusiastic and fun. He likes to have fun while he works. Not only is James a lifelong student of sales, but he’s also an accomplished guitarist, organic chemistry fan and fitness buff. 


  • Mistakes salespeople make in the virtual selling 
  • How to correct misconceptions about sales
  • What the “ Ideal Advance” is and why you need it
  • What is the “Perfect Close”  for the virtual world
  • The noble art  of storytelling and selling




[00:28] Introduction 

[03:24] Business success stories that inspire him

[03:32] “The story of Edwin C. Barnes”

[06:30] How James juggles through his roles

[07:33] How he got drafted into sales

[10:14] Mistakes salespeople make in the virtual selling

[13:20] The Sales Call objective

[13:53] How do you close business in a virtual world?

[14:38] The best closing approach according to scientific research

[15:16] The “ Ideal” advance

[24:12] How does storytelling come to play is his sales technique

[25:01] Misconceptions about sales

[28:35] “Selling is an act of service”

[30:30] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders

[31:30] Contact info and book details


You can connect with James and get his book via his website