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Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Aug 27, 2018

Chad Heath is the VP / GM of Kegstar US.  Kegstar is a leader in the keg rental space and has been in operation in Australia since 2012.

Prior to Kegstar, Chad was the Sr. Director of Stone Distributing. After joining the team in 2008, he has helped create exponential growth for Stone and more than 30 supplier brands sold throughout Southern California, taking the amount distributed from 350,000 case equivalents to roughly 4+ million in 2016.

Chad is also an instructor at San Diego State University where he teaches "The Business of Craft Beer".


  • How to beat the odds in today’s competitive market
  • How to use storytelling to build relationships and trust
  • How to use the power of the internet in the craft beer space
  • How Chad got into sales
  • Why the craft beer industry? And why it is exploding?
  • The mindset you need to compete today
  • Why today’s sales leaders need to be bold and brave
  • What does the Art of Storytelling mean to Chad? And why it is so important today?



[00:05] Introduction

[00:42] Welcome Chad

[00:57] Type of business stories that inspires him

[01:01] Beating the odds in today’s market

[02:30] Changes in marketplace and customer dynamics

[03:00] Chad’s biography

[04:17] Why sales?

[05:52] Chad’s crafty tactics in sales and business development.

[06:26] Roadblocks for starters in sales

[06:40] Chad’s true passion

[09:42] Ways customers benefit from Kegstar’s innovative technology

[10:15] Beer industry knowledge

[10:48] How Chad got into the beer industry

[14:18] The Past sales strategy

[15:25] The Present sales strategy

[16:25] Building relationships and trust

[17:11] How Craft Breweries utilize the power of the internet

[18:45] The mindset you need to get into beer industry marketing

[20:43] How he got into teaching and combines it with a full-time job

[24:27] Challenges facing today’s business owners

[24:50] Effective storytelling and goalkeeping

[25:35] The Art of Storytelling

[27:07] Upcoming events and contact information