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Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

In this special episode, we pulled nuggets and discussions from three of our previous episodes with Christy Soukhamneut, Gregg Jorritsma and Eli Fathi 


Christy Soukhamneut is a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry who is dedicated to turning possibility into reality.  A gifted strategic thinker, she knows that you must cut through the clutter, clearly articulate the vision, and then rally support at the street level.  

Everything she does is evaluated against these three bars: Will it make your life easier?  Will it help you & your team be more productive? Will it help you grow your business?


Gregg Jorritsma has been in leadership roles with some of the most well-known companies in the industry including Citrix, BlackBerry, Bell Mobility, Siebel and Delrina. A passionate advocate for “informed selling” and sales professionalism, Gregg credits his success to having been mentored and coached by some great people that took the time to help him on his journey. 


Eli Fathi is CEO at MindBridge Ai, developer of the world’s first auditing tool based upon artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies – Ai Auditor – to uncover errors in financial data. Eli has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years, having founded or co-founded many successful technology companies.

Eli was recognized as the 2018 AI Leader of the Year by the Digital Finance Institute and is a prolific speaker, including talks at the AICPA, Startup Canada Day on the Hill, and TEDx.



  • Top mistakes salespeople make all the time 
  • The rise and meaning of AI salesperson
  • Why there is no such thing as ‘natural’ salesperson
  • How to help salespeople see something within themselves that is just below the surface
  • What to do to get people to take you seriously




[00:24] Introduction to this episode

[02:22] Welcome 

[01:55] Business success stories that inspire our guests

[02:08] “The story of Febreze”

[03:39] “Resilience in the face of adversity” 

[04:48] “Jim Estill story”

[07:58] How they all got into sales

[11:04] Their favourite sales failure

[13:34] Mistakes salespeople make and how to avoid them

[15:06] The mortgage industry...

[16:09] Why there is no such thing as ‘natural’ salesperson

[16:38] Be wary of multinational companies...

[17:38] Sales and rejections

[18:03] The rise of Artificial intelligence

[19:05] Stories that excite their customers

[21:09] AI as a threat to salespeople? 

[22:36] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders 

[26:30] The art of storytelling


You can listen to the individual episodes here:

Christy Soukhamneut, “Logic and data can only take you so far, Story is where we really connect,” 

Gregg Jorritsma, “Don’t Outsell Your Competitors, Out Question Them,” 

Eli Fathi, “Why AI won’t Replace (Top) Salespeople.”