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Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Oct 8, 2020

Who is Milan Topolovec? Why does he consider himself as a quarterback? How does he build a relationship with his clients and offer more services than he promises? What does your business network mean to you and how do you build one? 


In this episode, Milan shares his story on launching into the financial industry and how the services he offers are centred on his relationship with his clients. We have discussed why sales reps need people skills, the intrinsic power of networking, prospecting and much more.


Milan is the President and CEO of TK Financial Group and Inner Orbis. He graduated from the University of Ottawa after which he was drafted to play for Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He eventually chose a career path in the financial services industry where he is focused on building expertise to exclusively serve business owners and professionals focused on estate planning, business planning and insurance planning.



  • How to create the right environment for your clients
  • Knowing when to stop and how to set  your priorities
  • How to maintain the right attitude while prospecting 
  • Why you need the people skills
  • How to become more than just another sales rep


[00:24] Introduction to this episode

[02:22] Welcome Milan

[03:10] Business success stories that inspire him

[04:50] How he got started in the financial industry

[05:32] Type of clients he loves to serve

[06:10] Switching from his football career

[07:00] Challenges he faced starting out in sales

[08:09] Favorite sales failure

[10:05] Knowing when to stop

[12:36] Positioning himself as a quarterback

[14:10] Why you need people skills

[15:10] How to become more than just a sales guy

[15:38] His book “ Beyond the Tipping Point”

[15:58] The power of networking

[17:17] Covid-19 and relationships

[19:01] Introducing prospective clients

[19:30] Stories that excite his customers

[22:03] Offer more than your service demands

[22:10] Challenges facing today’s business leaders

[23:10] Create the right atmosphere for your clients

[23:40] Contact info and book details


You can connect with Milan on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.


Get a copy of Milan’s book, Beyond the Tipping Point, on Amazon.


You can keep up with happenings on TK Financial Group on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook.


You can find out more about Inner Orbis on their website, LinkedIn.