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Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Bruce Linton is an entrepreneur who has been at the head of 16 different companies and presently occupies the position of Executive Chairman at Vireo Health International, Inc, Co-Chairman of Martello Technologies Group, Inc., and co-founder of online rental marketplace Ruckify.

During this candid interview, Bruce talks about his successes and his sales failures, helping us appreciate the Growth Mindset, Storytelling and the true meaning of Entrepreneurship. He also talks about how and where he has managed to find extraordinary opportunities and what to look for. 

If you want your sales and business to grow, take 20 minutes to learn from this incredibly successful business leader. 



  • Why Relationship Selling is oversold  
  • How Bruce picks his ventures  
  • Why salespeople should never mention their competition
  • The Value of the public policy changes
  • How to pitch investors using Storytelling techniques



[00:21] Intro

[01:45] Welcome 

[02:11] Business stories that inspire Bruce

[03:10] Early years: Carlton University Student Association

[03:18] Canopy Growth Corporation

[03:34] How he became a serial entrepreneur

[04:46] Get fired for your own ideas  

[06:00] You are selling all the time

[06:52] Common Mistakes salespeople make

[07:00] Why Relationship selling is oversold

[08:36] Do's and Dont's of sales pitching

[09:10] Why you should never slam your competition

[10:09] How Bruce picks industries to invest

[11:14] The role of Public policy changes

[12:45] Stories that excite Bruce's investors

[13:09] Advice for using storytelling techniques

[14:38] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders

[15:50] The Art of Storytelling

[17:28] Contact info